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Minister, Entrepreneur, Author, Father, *. Kelly Cole was born January 16, 1979 in Chicago IL. Before anything he wants people to know he is a follower of Christ. He serves as the Pastors Administrative Assistant at his church Word of God Mission C.O.G.I.C of Bristol, Tn. He also heads his own Ministry called AfterChrist which is a gospel rap ministry for youth; his 8yr old son is one of the artist along with his brother. AfterChrist Ministries has been in existence for 5 years now.


Kelly is a self proclaimed born Entrepreneur, at the age of 6 along with his sister; he opened up a candy stand in front of the building they lived in. That was the first of many business ventures Kelly has participated in, he*s owned two clothing stores, a restaurant and barber shop all before the age of 21.

*He now owns and operates a marketing company called Prime Time Marketing in Bristol, Va. Specializing in Internet Marketing and Web Design. He is also the creator of The Make Dot Com Dollar$ Internet Workshop, in which he travels all over the world teaching internet marketing techniques. A former Wal-Mart associate, Kelly says he will never work another Day Job. An entrepreneur such as Kelly will never be comfortable working for anybody, so after praying to God for the Ok to leave his day job, he got his wish and the ok from God to start Prime Time Marketing.

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*Kelly is currently in the process of completing his first real estate development project, he is also promoting his Make Dot Com Dollar$ Internet Worshop in hopes of enlighten people of the countless opportunities there are to achieve personal wealth on the internet.

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